IMG_20170601_083155_595HI!! My name is Melissa Wyatt. I am 30 years old, an Occupational Therapist transitioning to a mostly stay-at-home Momma and blessed to be a mother of 2 boys- Cole 4 years and Caden 18 mos. that are my world. I have an amazing husband Chris that works in Hospital Admin., gives us the most rewarding opportunity to travel the country, and currently reside in ND. Our home base is around the St. Louis, Mo area before moving to Washington DC for 4 yrs.  I am a lover of God & faith, travel, adventure, outdoors, FOOD, coffee, wine, STL baseball, football, and in the last 8 months discovered a passion for running and writing (someday always said we would write a book, but a blog works for now!).

I hope to share with you my thoughts on this journey to running my first half marathon in Chicago on Sept 24, 2017, training, struggles, high points, and goals since starting at Mile 1 in January. My life has been a roller coaster these last 4 years (would not change a single thing of it), but  will shine some insight into how I am where I am today, and going forward from there. I also want to talk a lot about my transition from working full-time 50+ hrs/week in a job that I love to being a stay-at-home mom with little work as this has been a difficult phase for me and I know so many other Mommas out there that I speak with. With only living in a one place for a short amount of time (~4-5 years usually), due to the nature of my husband’s work, I feel life travels by incredibly fast. I want to be able to look back someday on my writings, be able to relive these moments through my experiences on all the different places we have lived and traveled. I have been given many second chances by God, with angels by my side, and I firmly believe I am still here today on this Earth to share a message and purpose knowing he is with me every step of the way, even if I am just at the beginning.

Thanks so much for following along on this one, incredible journey!

~Melissa Wyatt